Return Policy

Farmer John’s allows customers to make returns or exchanges on most of their merchandise, as long as they have the receipt and are returning their purchases to the store location they originally shopped at. Both perishable and non-perishable items can be returned.

If you’d like to learn more about making returns without a receipt at Farmer John’s, the products that you are allowed to return to Farmer John’s, and more, keep on reading!

Can I Return Groceries to Farmer John’s Without a Receipt?

When making returns, Farmer John’s does prefer that customers have their receipt. However, if customers don’t have a receipt, customers have the option of making an even exchange.

Does Farmer John’s Have a Time Limit for Returns?

Farmer John’s does not have a company-wide time limit for making returns as each return is handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of product a customer is returning. Staff will use their own discretion when determining what a reasonable amount of time is for making a return.

For example, they may grant a longer period of time for a non-perishable item than they will for products such as meat and produce.

Due to the uncertainty of their return time limit, customers are recommended to bring their purchases in for a return as soon as they are able to, in order to ensure they are fully refunded

What Products Can I Return to Farmer John’s?

Farmer John’s allows both perishable and non-perishable items to be returned to their store.

Food products such as meat, fresh vegetables and fruit, prepared food items, dairy products, and other perishables are all acceptable for returns.

Non-perishable items apply both to consumables and non-consumables. Cleaning products, hygiene care, kitchen wares, and other non-perishables all qualify for a return or exchange. It’s recommended that customers return their perishables as soon as they can in order to ensure that Farmer John’s is able to process the return.

However, this may be left up to the discretion of the store manager, and the ability to get a refund may depend on the reason for the return.

What Products Does Farmer John’s Not Accept for Returns?

While Farmer John’s will accept most products for return, they currently do not accept gift cards for either return or exchange, as they are not considered part of store merchandise.

Because every Farmer John’s has its own time limit for allowing returns, Farmer John’s may not be able to process returns for expired meat, dairy products, or other spoiled food. Therefore, customers are urged to return any perishables as soon as they are able to, in order to ensure that they can receive a refund.