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The Heart of Your Community

The first Farmer John’s Kitchen is now open in the heart of the community of Emerald Park & White City, SK. Whether you’re looking to take care of everything on your shopping list, picking up a prepared meal to enjoy at home, or simply wish to grab a cup of coffee or snack and pull up a seat in-store, we look forward to being your neighbourhood market and kitchen.

Take A Look At What We’ve

Got Cooking

For those times when you’d like to have someone else do the cooking, we’re pleased to present our in-store Kitchen featuring a delectable array of classic menu items along with some original creations by our Corporate Chef. From Tacos and Spaghetti & Meatballs to Salmon and Salads, our Classic Menu line-up has something for just about everyone and every taste. Want to see the entire menu of prepared meals? Check out our Classic Menu below.

 We also have a new surprise Chef’s Creation feature prepared just about every day. You can find these delicious creations on our website or you can visit us in-store to see what’s waiting to be taken home to your dinner table! You can rely on us to always have those perfectly prepared restaurant-quality meals for you to enjoy at home or anywhere.

We Have It All

In-store For You

As a community-oriented market, we want you to feel as welcomed and comfortable in our store as you would at any of your other favourite places. That’s why we designed the store to have that market-like feel, with a bit more style. It’s also why we deliberately chose to keep the store to a more modest and intimate size.

Though our store may not be as large as the typical corporate chains, Farmer John’s is pleased to provide you with a curated selection of produce, meat, dairy products, grains and pulses, baking and much more. Think of anything that you might have on your grocery list…and then some.

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