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Looking for a unique fundraising opportunity?

At Farmer John’s, we believe in giving back to our communities.  We’re excited to work with various organizations to help them in their fundraising efforts. The profits are fantastic, and proceeds go directly to your community’s group, club, class, or team.

This is likely one of the easiest fundraisers you will do, the product almost sells itself.  With 10 types of dainties and squares, who doesn’t love a fresh Nanaimo bar or Ginger Molasses cookie?

​And the best part, we make things easy for your group with a custom website that’s easy to share and orders can be placed directly online!  Options for local pick up or your own distribution is available. We look forward to working with you we hope to make your experience with us fun, rewarding, and profitable.

We are here to help if you would like more information; contact us today!

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